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Treat Your Guests This Holiday Season With These Gifts For Casino Lovers

The holidays are coming, and your customers want something new. Build your gifting programs with high-quality, multi-use items they’ll love for holiday hosting.

holiday gift ideas for casino lovers

Holiday Casino Giveaway Ideas

Holiday season will be here sooner than we know your customers want something new. Help your guests celebrate the holiday season with quality items they’ll love for hosting Thanksgiving or Christmas dinners.

From prep to servers, we can help build casino continuity programs to make holiday dinners special this year. What makes these items great gifts even more desirable is that many have multiple uses – allowing your players the opportunity to save space while getting more.

1. Cooking and Storage – All-In-One

mason brand serveware

What’s on-trend right now? Storage! It may not sound sexy but trust us when we say it’s all the rage. There's nothing worse than taking the time to make your favorite side dishes like green bean casserole and glazed ham, then taking even more time at the end of your Thanksgiving holiday party to clean up.

What makes our ceramic bakers even more coveted are their multi-function bamboo lids. These lids work as cutting boards, trivets for hot dishes, AND lids to make clean-up a breeze. They’re also just like top-selling items at Crate & Barrel for a fraction of the cost!

2. Extra Help & Easy Prep

Stand mixer and electric gravy boat

We all need extra hands when it’s prep time for dinner parties or holiday meals. Help your loyal customers with Thanksgiving day prep. Electric gravy boats allow your guests to get sides like gravy ready and keep it warm while the rest of dinner is finishing up.

And don’t forget products like standing mixers to help with everything from mixing batters to mashing potatoes. With a power head that detaches and to be used as a hand mixer, they’ll appreciate the added benefit of having two products in one!  

3. Turkey Time

turkey roaster and accessories

Nothing screams holiday dinner like turkey! Roast them with ease in our exclusive domed steel roaster with cover.

But it doesn’t stop with cooking. Your guests will appreciate an item with multiple uses. Rest, carve, and serve a turkey and more on a solid wood cutting board with turkey lifters and knife & fork.

4. Serve with Style

stainless steel serveware

Stainless steel is a brilliant way to add a touch of sophistication to any kitchenware item. Guests will love an 11-inch salad bowl with matching serving utensils for family dinners.

We couldn’t share serving ware without one last multi-use item! In that same stainless steel material, this is a must-have piece. Whether used as a chips and dips server or as a cake stand, this is one tray that will be cherished by hosts for Thanksgiving dinner and more!

5. Gaga for Glass

glass serveware

Who doesn’t love classic glassware for dinner parties?! What's even better is a piece that you can use for more than one course. From cocktail punch to salad to dessert and more, Selene two-piece serve ware is the perfect piece for your customer base.

Instead of reaching across the table, save effort -- and the risk of something spilling -- with lazy susans beautiful enough to adorn the table.

6. Multi-Use Prep

Joseph Joseph multi use peeler

There may be three French hens in A Partridge In A Pear Tree, but these three tools each have three nifty features! We love a good multi-use tool, and the Joseph Joseph peeler is just that. It peels straight, julienne and even soft fruit to make holiday dinner prep easy.

The ease doesn’t stop there. Give your loyal players a kitchen device to end all kitchen devices with a 3-in-1 appliance. They’ll love a food processor to speed up dinner prep, a whisk to get dessert done in a snap, and even a hand blender for soups and purees.

Joseph Joseph also has a box grater that will render all others unnecessary! Featuring a grating blade with four types of teeth, this can handle anything from cheese to produce. There’s nothing worse than grating your food and having it spill everywhere. Thankfully an added feature is the ability to grate straight into the container! Then comes storage! With a lid, you can store pre-grated cheese, your grated items or even just the blade safely and securely after use. 

7. Unbe-leaf-able

olive oil infuser and acacia wood bowls

Salad can’t be left out of your dinner. Help your customers earn points with guests with simple ways to elevate their cooking. Featuring the ability to not only infuse but also measure olive oil, this piece is a no-brainer.

There’s nothing more multi-purpose than a bowl crafted with quality in mind. Composed of on-trend mixed materials of Acacia wood and genuine leather, wood bowls are a loved item. Their high perceived value due to the strength and weight of the quality wood only benefits the recipients. Whether used for salad, bread, or as storage, it’s sure to be a highly desired item. 

8. One-Pot Wonders

steamer, air fryer and slow cooker

When stovetop space is limited, making an elaborate holiday dinner can be difficult. That's when a one-pot wonder makes all the difference!

Ideal for everything from veggie sides to protein, a two-tier food steamer is a fantastic product to gift.

There's no one who doesn't have a use for a slow cooker. It could be used as an appetizer with meatballs or keeping dips warm. You could make sides like candied carrots or mashed potatoes. Pot roasts, ribs, stews and more could be made for the main course. Desserts like fudge, cakes, cinnamon rolls, cobbler, and more can be made ahead of time.

Cocoas and hotty toddies can be kept hot in a slow cooker for an after-meal drink. And if the meal is fully covered, a slow cooker could even be used to keep a warm potpourri to make a home smell just like Williams-Sonoma!

Last, but certainly not least, an air fryer is a newfound coveted homeware item! Make crispy french fries and onion rings, chicken wings, roasted veggies, and more without taking up another pan or changing the oven temperature. Your loyal players would love to receive one!

electric gravy boat and turkey roaster

With multiple uses in one item, there’s more to love when rewarding customers!

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