Tailored continuity programs that drive loyalty
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Casino continuity programs that work

With 20+ years in the gaming industry, we know a thing or two about driving incremental trips and long-term loyalty.


Programs that perform

Continuity gifting programs with recognized brands offer a higher perceived value that leads customer loyalty and recurring revenue. GPS works with your team to create exclusive programs with retail brands designed to delight your guests and let they know they're valued by you.

Continuity programs

Retail Brands

Brands they know, products they’ll love.

GPS Tailoring

One-of-a-kind sets that you get to choose.


Regional exclusivity

Nothing is more frustrating than finding a continuity your guests will love, only to see the same program at a competing property. Our team manages accounts by geographic territory to guarantee regional exclusivity of our programs.

Our unique continuity programs bring players back week after week. Guests will be excited to bring home amazing products they can only get from you.

GPS tailoring

Custom continuities.
One-of-a-kind sets.
Exclusive retail brands.

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Turn-key solutions

Casino marketing requires innovative and timely promotions to develop loyalty and goodwill with customers. We work directly with your team to design customized programs that deliver on these concepts. Our programs provide a turn-key promotional solution for stress-free execution. From the initial ideation to product delivery, our dedicated team knows how to deliver a flawless continuity program.

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Products they'll

In a business of perceived value it's important to strategically buy. From retail brands they know to customized products, we source the ideal merchandise for your program. Our years of product line development provide access to well-known brands at wholesale prices.

At GPS, we have access to many of the top retail brands. With our customer marketplace, GPS Passport, you're able to shop for a program designed to impress.

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Step away from cookie-cutter programs and let us build the perfect continuity for your property.
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