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Drive incremental revenue, repeat visits, and lasting customer loyalty

GPS globally sources products and provides innovative services to assist in promotions and rewards programs.



Player development & promotions

Our team has more than 20+ years experience working with casino brands in Las Vegas and beyond. Proudly making the INC. 5000 fastest growing private companies six times.

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We've got a license for that

Compliance isn't always fun or exciting, but it is necessary. Our compliance team keeps everything needed to apply for licenses on-hand and ready to go. It shouldn't be hard to do business together, so we make it easy.

With over 80+ current licenses, chances are we're already licensed or can easily obtain a license to work together.

Custom continuities

The wants, needs, and demographics of your property are completely unique. Everything we do at GPS gives you the flexibility and control to create tailored programs for your specific guests. Together, we'll build a gift program designed to drive incremental revenue and build lasting customer loyalty. Don't get stuck giving out stale items or having to choose from cookie-cutter programs.

Take the keys and drive gifting decisions that bring your customers back through the door.

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Brands matter

The items your guests receive from monthly promotions will forever be associated with your brand – make the most of it. Demonstrate to guests that they’re appreciated by giving them retail branded gifts they understand the value of.



Shopping events

Give your players the gift of selection. Years of procuring and running these events taught us how to set-up and operate stress-free events. By utilizing aspirational gifts, properties produce incremental play and return on investment.

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Ease the pain of global logistics

Nothing is more frustrating than wondering if your goods will be on-time. With our casino-specific logistics service, we provide relief to marketing, warehouse and purchasing teams.

We bulk buy freight at lower costs and pass those savings to you. Goods are brought to local warehouses where we store the goods and perform weekly deliveries to give your team some breathing room.