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Customer loyalty gifts & employee recognition

Online gifting tailored for customer acquisition, customer retention, employee recognition, and more! From online stores with redemption codes to custom VIP gifting sites with name-brand products, the ezGift is your online gifting solution.

Online gifting software

Online gifting programs provide a unique 1-to-1 gifting experience that’s easy for you and your customer. Whether you’re hosting a large-scale program or gifting individually to customers or employees, we have the gifting platform for you. Rather than developing gift ideas that customers may not like, they choose their gift on our web-based software and ship it to their home. You won’t have to manage the logistics of an in-house program and customers always get a gift they want.

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Customer rewards program software

Online stores are your way to elevate your customer loyalty programs. Show customers how much you value their patronage by allowing them to personally select their VIP reward. Custom stores built with our loyalty program software allows for rewards based on tier status and provides gift options based on predetermined budget and available inventory.


Employee recognition gifting platform

Employees are the backbone of your business. Reward your employees to help build company morale through online gifting. Our gifting software is used to recognize employees birthdays, work anniversaries, holidays, and more. They'll love the selection of company and name-brand products.

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