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Access a world of product wherever you are

Products come from across the globe and our digital marketplace is your ticket to see it all. Passport™ provides visibility to see everything available for your casino promotions.


Information access

A $1,000 annual subscription provides direct access to a catalog of products with current pricing and inventory levels. Passport™ inspires fresh ideas and makes gift selection easy.

Online product marketplace

For the last two years, we've invested in improving the gift selection experience with our all-new marketplace for casino gifts. Working with a world-renowned app development company, we created a centralized platform that enables clients to shop for what they want, when they want.  


Why Passport™?

Name Brands

Find the brands players want to come in for

Countless Products

Browse our catalog of over 30,000+ products

Instant Access

Access inventory information with our factory network

Request a demo

Allow our team to demo Passport™ and show you the benefits for your property.

Cost savings

By leveraging technology, were able to increase transparency and reduce friction from the gift selection process. Experience over $17,000* in soft cost savings per year with Passport™.

*based on average costs for 12 programs a year

Source the perfect gift for your customer

Centralized location

Give your players what they want

24/7 access to fresh ideas
Filter by category, color, brand, and more
Reduce time for product approvals
$1,000 annual subscription
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