You've got questions. We've got answers.

What makes GPS different?

The GPS difference is our focus on tailored merchandise solutions. You’re one-of-a-kind and deserve promotions built just for your demographics.

How quickly can I get product?

We recommend planning ahead and aiming for 90-120 days to allow time for ordering, importing, and shipping. If you need something sooner, we have industry connections to source items a quickly as a week.

How has COVID affected timelines?

The pandemic has affected our global vendors, overseas freight, and nationwide shipping. Because of the delays, we recommend adding an additional 30-90 days to the standard lead time for most products currently.

Can I customize my continuity?

We work as an extension of your marketing team to learn who your loyal customers are. From there, we
develop continuity programs we believe best fit your budget and audience. Each program is then fully
customizable for you to swap in and out any products you like to build the program of your choosing.

How much does it cost?

We know the value of player retention and have worked with budgets at each end of the spectrum. We do our best to find you the best pricing, within budget, for your gifting programs.

How do I know my competitor doesn’t have the same promotion?

One major GPS differentiator is that we think beyond cookie cutter. We won’t offer you the same products or promotions as another property because you aren’t the same. Your demographics and needs will help us guide you to create a custom continuity program that is sure to stand out. All programs are regionally exclusive for six months.

Do I get to see product in-person before ordering?

Yes, of course! We can send you product samples of items prior to making your selections and/or have samples mocked and sent to see what final products would look like. 

Are there minimums? 

Whether you need a VIP program of 10 units or a continuity program for 10,000+, we can handle all of your marketing campaigns. 

What’s your process?

Our process is all about you! We do what it takes to drive revenue, save time, reduce costs, and minimize risk for you all while creating an exceptional customer experience. 

We work to truly understand your objectives, property, guests, and pain points to provide effective and innovative casino marketing solutions. We offer the flexibility to customize marketing campaigns outside of templated, cookie cutter programs.

Still have questions? Email us at info@gpsteam.com