How To Stay Inspired When We’re Still Staying In

June 18, 2024

Trade shows were canceled. Casinos and hotels in many places were closed. Most of us moved from working in a bustling office to our homes.

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that most of our lives turned upside down for the past year. Instead of fearing the “what if’s,” we made the most of uncertainty.

We can’t wait to be in a crowded exhibition hall mixing and mingling with others in our industry, learning all of the new products to stay on trend, and starting our planning for upcoming campaigns and continuity programs! Until we can all meet back up, which we’re sure is soon, here’s how we’re staying inspired and on top of the industry trends.

Mastering our brand & storytelling.

Some may have slept during this time, but we sure didn’t!

We’ve developed new company branding and built a new website. You’ve also seen our current marketing efforts – hello, this email and blog –but we can’t wait for you to see more. With outlets here and on LinkedIn, we will be sharing news and updates on our team, our services and offerings, and the top of the trends in the casino industry with you.

And we couldn’t be more excited for you to come along and expand your marketing strategy.

Embracing virtual events.

To stay in the industry know on all fronts, we hosted and participated in virtual conferences, countless webinars, TED-style talks, and more. And don’t forget about Zoom vendor meetings!

These virtual events helped us stay in contact with customers, vendors, and industry trendsetters the same way we would in an in-person setting. If anything, virtual events allowed us to attend even more than we would in previous years, allowing us to learn and see more than we generally could. 

Adopting change.

COVID made us find inspiration elsewhere and pivot into the future, and we’re so excited! We developed a new database marketing arm and a new product portal that will benefit our clients. Through focusing on data analytics, we will be able to help our casinos know more about their existing customer base's demographics in order to aid with customer retention AND to target similar personas.

We love building out continuity programs for the gaming industry, but know sometimes that you want to stay on top of the trends yourself and build your own programs. Our upcoming inventory portal will allow our customers to view some of our top products and services for their marketing programs and learn more about details and inventory. One other added feature is that hosting virtual events or online events for rewards customers tailored around redeeming points will be a breeze! Trust us, both will truthfully be game-changers in the industry and your casino marketing efforts!

Many have said we’ll see conventions again in Q3 & Q4 of this year, and we are so ready for tradeshows – like the Inspired Home Show – to be back in person!

Until then, contact us to see how we can help you stay inspired, focus your casino marketing strategies, and plan innovative and noteworthy loyalty programs.

All of us here at GPS can’t wait to see you virtually – or in-person – soon!