24 Unique Corporate Gifts for Employees & Clients

June 18, 2024

We've all heard the age-old saying of "it takes money to make money," but you know what really makes money?! Happy and satisfied employees and clients who truly feel valued. Thank your employees for all of their hard work and show clients how much you appreciate their business with a unique corporate gift they'll actually want to receive.


Now's the time to ditch tired fruit baskets and impersonal gift cards! Take the time to honestly think of your audience and work with someone who will be sure to understand who your gifts are for. Find a corporate gift that is truly unique and worthwhile. Don't forget that great gifts are high-quality items that someone is excited to receive. If you've done your job right, they'll be memorable enough to give the recipient the warm and fuzzies about their relationship with you.

Custom gift box as unique corporate gifts

Corporate Gifts For Employees

What Should I Get My Employees?


Employee advocacy is vital. At Global Promotional Sourcing, we know a thing or two about employee retention having team members who have been with the company 10-20+years! You're only as successful as your employees, and it's important to show appreciation to those who go above and beyond daily in order to make your day-to-day business possible.


When brainstorming, key factors to pay attention to include knowing your budget, the gifting occasion, and how many employees you may be purchasing for. Whether you manage a lean team or oversee nationwide offices, we have gift ideas for your invaluable team members.

1. Reusable Drinkware. Drinkware is an excellent gift, from water bottles to coffee mugs, custom tumblers to reusable growlers. Whether you want to go with a name brandlike Yeti or Tervis or go the branded route with your company logo, the options are endless and available at almost any price point.

2. Leather Goods. Spruce up the average workspace with leather goods. Nothing elevates a desk more than a nice leather mouse pad! No matter if they work from home or make the daily commute, a leather bound notebook shows an air of sophistication.

3. Coffee & Tea. Whether they need a perk up or to be a little more zen, coffee and tea are fantastic employee gifts. Finish out the idea with a gift basket of goodies to go with it for a well-rounded gifting experience.

backpack and baggage corporate gifts

4. Baggage. There's almost nothing worse than getting ready for work and needing three bags to carry everything you need, or worse – bringing your favorite bag daily and having it see too much wear in the commute. Employees will love backpacks, laptop bags, or even luggage!

5. Personal Tech. Employees love power banks, portable charging stations, and USBs and storage solutions. New and trending personal tech items also include heated mugs, digital notebooks, and fitness trackers.

6. Jackets and Outerwear. A great jacket helps employees rep their company anywhere they go. Depending on your office, it can also provide a much-needed bit of warmth for their day-to-day work environment. Go one step further to show how much you care by having a Jacket Program with a Fit Kit. We can come in and size each individual to ensure they're getting a gift in a size they'll feel comfortable wearing.

7. Lunch Kits. One big trend we're seeing with the post-pandemic shuffle is lunch bags and excellent food storage containers. People may have gotten used to their leftover lunches while working from home and want to bring comfort into the office.

corporate gift ideas for employees

8. Digital Picture Frames. No matter if they're filling their frame with photos of their family and loved ones or fun memories with coworkers, digital frames are great ways to help personalize your employees' space while still feeling professional.

9. Office Electronics. Employees love working from home but know they may not have an ideal setup for Zoom after Zoom. Set them up for success with webcams and ring lights. Don't forget speakers, mouses, or keyboards while you're at it.

10. Custom Socks. What's more unique than custom branded socks? Let them sport your brand more conspicuously with socks in company colors and logos.

11. Ways of Life or Company Values. If your company prioritizes wellness, gift your employees with items that help emphasize it, like gym bags or hydration packs for hikes.

corporate employee awards

12. Awards. Show them you care with a personalized award. Nothing says, "You've done an amazing job," more than an award with your name engraved.


Best Client Gifts

What Is A Good Gift To Give To A Client?


Client gifting is about making sure they feel valued in their business relationship with you. If you work B2B, you want to make sure your contacts at other companies know how much you appreciate their partnerships. And if you work B2C,you would like your customers to feel rewarded with more than a gift card. Corporate gifts for clients are ideal for showing they matter to your business.


Show your clients how much you care with something more than just company swag. Gift them with high-quality gifts that reward their dedication to your business.


1. Blankets. What can give your clients the warm and fuzzies about your organization more than a luxurious blanket?

2. Jewelry & Accessories. Looking to wow with your client gift? Pins, cufflinks, bracelets, and more stand out and make a lasting impression on your customers.

crystal glassware for corporate gifting

3. Glassware. Crystal drinkware offers a sophisticated touch to corporate gifts for clients.

4. Robes. A tremendous plush robe, complete with your logo embroidered, makes a fantastic client gift.

5. Luggage. Have suitcase, will travel! Everyone needs baggage, yet so few want to purchase it themselves. Luggage makes for a fantastic gift and offers an opportunity to sport your logo no matter where they go.

6. Apparel. Show them how much you care about name-brand apparel. Jackets from brands they know will make your clients feel rewarded. You can even take it one step further with custom embroidery to include their name for a personalized gift.

coffee themed edible corporate gifts for clients

7. Coffee. Let coffee be your love language. From gift baskets with beans and syrups to warming drink holders, clients will love a cup of joe from their favorite business.

8. Small Appliances. Who doesn't love an air fryer or coffee maker?! Think outside the average client gift with a kitchen appliance they'll use over and over.

9. Personal Electronics. Who doesn't love music? Clients will appreciate electronic gifts, whether listening to their favorite podcast in personal headphones or rocking out with Bluetooth speakers.

corporate gift ideas

10. Personalized Items. Personalized gifts like luggage tags or desk nameplates show you care and want to make sure they know they're unique.

11. Food. We know, how many fruit gift baskets can someone get?! Wow your clients with an edible gift of great value like Omaha Steaks!

12. Gift Boxes. When you can't pick just one thing, why try?! Custom gift boxes are the perfect corporate gifts for clients because you can mix and match items to tell your story and show how much you care. You can even take it one step further by making it a complete experience. We recently sent custom black gift boxes with video screens built in to showcase our company. You can utilize a similar custom piece to thank your customers for their relationship and show how much you care.


Your Partner For Corporate Gifting Solutions


The only thing more important than knowing your budget is knowing who you can depend on to succeed in your gift. Global Promotional Sourcing has been in the gifting industry for over 20 years. With our experience, knowledge, and vendor connections, we can help you select the best high-quality gifts for your clients. Need it quick and easy?! We have two customer portals to help you find the gift you're looking for!


Visit our site for branded corporate products or stay tuned for our GPS Passport, where you'll have full access to available products, including the ability to sort by theme, cost, inventory, and more.

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